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How to Name a Pattern

Are you starting to design your own crochet or knitting patterns? I think it’s so fun and I love being able to share my creativity with others! However, if you’re like me - and so many other designers out there - you’re probably having a hard time naming that beautiful pattern of yours. I reached out to some popular knitting and crochet pattern designers to learn their strategies for naming patterns so we don't have to struggle! I’ve combined all their responses into a list, including examples from all the designers. Hopefully, this will give you further direction in naming your pattern and releasing it to everyone to enjoy!

Designers that helped in the making of this blog:

Inspiration to Naming a Pattern:

1. Where/what/who inspired your pattern!

2. How do you feel when you wear it or what is the mood of the item?

3. Where would you want to wear it or use it?

4. Use alliterations! They can be super fun and eye-catching.

5. Use words that describe what your design is. What aspects of the design stand out most? A specific stitch? Color? Is your design used for a specific task, function, or action?

6. Name it directly after the stitch used!

7. Use puns! They can be a fun way to get people to notice your pattern.

8. Name it after someone! You can name it after a strong person, either someone you know personally, a movie/tv character, or a historical figure. You can even search for baby names from around the world.

9. Keep SEO in mind. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In short, you can use SEO to increase the visibility of your pattern when people search for key terms related to your pattern. Your pattern should be named uniquely so if someone searches it, your pattern will be the first to come up! You also want to give it a name that you think someone would type into the search bar when looking for a pattern like yours.

10. Lastly, if you're still stumped, ask your peers! Reach out to crafters on social media to get their insight. People like to be a part of the process of your design, especially because they'll be the ones using it, and they'll be excited for you to release it! You can even do a pattern giveaway to the person who named the pattern!

I hope that these ideas gave you some great inspiration for your pattern's name. This was all thanks to these beautiful and talented designers. Each and every one of them has expertise in designing patterns and I think we can all gain some wise wisdom from them. Check out the links to their websites and you can search through even more great patterns with inspiring pattern names. Good luck!

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Mar 19, 2022

Great post! I feel like naming is the part I always struggle with. Currently watching my brain on a baby blanket pattern I've just finished. This could help!

Hunter Mae
Hunter Mae
Mar 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! It definitely is a struggle. I hope it helps you out with your blanket!😁

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