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This pattern was the first thing that my grandma taught me when I first started learning how to crochet. This is a simple pattern that gives you something to work on while learning how to crochet.

This pattern is really hard to explain with just words, so I would suggest watching the video associated with this to fully follow along. Then use the written pattern as a reference after or during watching the video.



  • ch - chain

  • sc - single crochet

  • slst - slip stitch

  • st(s) - stitch(es)


ch 30

Round 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across until the end (29 sts)

DO NOT TURN!!! sc in the next ch on the other side of the ch, continue sc till the end of the ch so you meet where your "sc in 2nd ch from hook" is (29 sts).

Put a stitch marker in the last st worked.

You should have a total of 58 stitches worked

Round 2: sc around for 58 stitches and replace the stitch marker to mark where the round starts

Repeat round 2 until the sides when collapsed together meet each other (I went 18 rounds)

sc across to the corner stitch

ch 10, slst into the next st

Sew the two sides together or slst the sides shut.

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