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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Mae to Measure pattern?

Mae to Measure is an interactive, made-to-measure pattern that calculates the number of stitches, rows, and yardage for the pattern. The benefit of a Mae to Measure pattern is that it makes your pattern size inclusive to virtually any body size (theoretically, it should even work for an infant!) This is done by allowing the user to type in their body's measurements onto the pattern. Then, in the background, the pattern will calculate all the math within the pattern to that person perfectly.

How do I measure myself for the pattern?

Check out this video here! I walk through all the measurements.

My calculations aren't changing. (It still shows 0's, NaN, and infinity)

How are you opening up the pdf? If phone, download Adobe reader and make your changes through that. If computer, open up the pdf in Chrome. If you're using a Mac, the default editor does not work. Chrome will always work! After your edits, make sure to save the document!!!
If they're still not working, make sure you only have numbers typed into your inputs. You do not need to type 'in' or 'cm' and you should not have any spaces after the numbers.

I received a negative/decimal number

Oops, this is an issue!! Please email me your pdf at and I will debug it for you!

I'm confused with what I need to do for the gauge swatch

So with the yarn you're using, you will work up a gauge swatch with the required stitch. Look at your yarn label and see what size hook/needle is suggested for the yarn. Using that size, try to crochet/knit a gauge swatch close to 4" x 4"/10 cm x 10 cm. Once you complete your gauge swatch, I recommend blocking it for the best outcome. Then, input the number of stitches and rows that you made and the measurement of the swatch's width and height. You will repeat these steps for both the body gauge and the ribbing gauge.

I'm not sure what ease I should do

This all depends on the look you want! If you want super baggy, I recommend having the body around 12" and the sleeves around 6". If you want it tighter, I would do at least 1" unless your yarn is super stretchy.

If you're still not sure, measure something that you own that you want to fit similarly.

1. Measure your body (chest circumference/arm circumference/etc)

2. Lay your garment flat and measure across the garment (sleeve/body/etc)

3. The ease = garments measurement - (body measurement / 2)

Still having issues with calculations not working?

First, double-check that you do not have any spaces at the end of your inputs and that you only have numbers (no 'in' or 'cm'). If there are none, then try pressing enter after you type in each field. If that doesn't work, then try to open it in adobe reader on your phone. Sometimes the application kicks the pdf in the butt to get to calculating!! If you're still not seeing it work, shoot me an email with your pdf at

Can I use decimals in the pdf?

Yes, you can!! Just make sure that you're using a period for decimals and not commas, as the form does not support it. For example: do NOT do 16,5. Rather, do 16.5.

What do I do if a calculation gave me 0?

If you got a 0 in your calculations, just think of that step as you're doing it zero times. So essentially, you won't be doing that part!

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