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Mae to Measure Service

Mae to Measure is an interactive, made-to-measure pattern that calculates the number of stitches, rows, and yardage for a pattern. 

The benefit of a Mae to Measure pattern is that it makes your pattern size inclusive to virtually any body size (theoretically, it should even work for an infant!)

This is done by allowing the user to type in their body's measurements onto your pattern. Then, in the background, the pattern will calculate all the math within the pattern to fit the person perfectly.

If you'd be interested in me converting/making a Mae to Measure pattern for you, feel free to reach out to me on any social media or email me at

The process consists of 4 steps, but each step has different options to them. The options that you select will depend on the price of the service. The more hours I work, the more it will cost.

The Pattern

Bring a pattern design or idea to me and we start the process!

  • If your pattern is not yet designed, it would work best if you designed it as a made-to-measure pattern.


The Pattern Math

Two Options:

  1. We will meet to discuss the ins and outs of your pattern and I will figure out all the math for you. You have an option of including the yardage calculation in the pattern.

  2. You come with the math already prepared. If you'd like this option, I will let you know how I would like the math to be prepared. If you'd like, I can also go over the math for you to double check it.


Create the Pattern

Two Options:

  1. I will create the pattern pdf for you (with your insight into how you’d like it to be laid out). You will need to send me a rough draft of your pattern, including where you would like the calculations to be placed.

  2. You create the pattern. Put your creative insight into the pattern pdf. I will be sure to let you know how to design the pdf so that the calculations can be added to the pattern.


Adding the calculations to the Pattern

This is the bread and butter of the entire process!


Updating the Pattern after Testing

Two options:

  1. I can update your pattern for you and then update the calculations.

  2. You update the pattern and then send me the updated pdf so that I can re-add the calculations to the pattern.

Interested in working together?

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