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10 Essential Crochet Tools for Beginners

1. Crochet Hooks

My absolute favorite crochet hooks are the classic Boye Crochet Aluminum hooks. They basically last forever (I have some hand-me-down Boye hooks from my grandmas!!) and this pack comes with all the standard hooks you'd ever need to get started for a great price! Plus, it comes with this nice carrying case for all of them if this is all that you'll buy. However, don't try to stuff tons of hooks into one slot, I learned that the hard way with mine...


2. Scissors

If you're going to be crocheting, you're absolutely going to need a great pair of scissors. It really doesn't matter what kind of scissors you use, but I prefer some sewing scissors where the blades are sharper. I found these super cute scissors with great colors to choose from!


3. Flexible Tape Measure

When it comes to following crochet patterns, many of them include measurements to help you in figuring out which size would be best suited for you. That's why you always need a good flexible measuring tape! This pack comes with both a retractable measuring tape and the classic flexible tape measure.


4. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are going to be one of your best friends when starting to learn how to crochet. They really help in recognizing stitches at the ends of rows. These types of stitch markers are my favorite because they close together making them almost impossible to fall out! I used to use some that didn't close and they would fall off my work so many times and I would have to count more than I would like to admit...


5. Yarn Needles

Yarn needles are really nice to have when sewing in ends of your yarn in a crochet project. You also need specific types of needles that are going to fit the size of your yarn in them. This is a great pack that includes all that you'll ever need for crocheting. These are also very important if you will be making any amigurumi projects! (Amigurumi is a Japanese word for small knitted or crocheted stuffed toys)


6. Digital Row Counter

I absolutely love my digital row counter. It's super easy to use and has an adjustable band that fits very nicely on your finger. When working on large projects like blankets or even an amigurumi that takes a specific amount of rows going around and around the body, this tool is amazing for saving you time counting all the rows of your project. Especially when you're just starting out and it might be hard right away to count rows.


7. Crochet Hook Organizer

With all these fancy new tools, you're definitely going to want an organizer for all of it. You'll need something to put your crochet hooks, scissors, flexible measuring tape, stitch markers, yarn needles, and row counter in. This bag below comes in really cute colors!


8. Yarn Ball Winder

I can't even begin to explain how much of a game-changer this is!!! This is a ball winder that creates little "cakes" of yarn for better yarn storage. I have a lot of inherited yarn from my grandmothers and not all of them were in perfect yarn rolls. This machine really helped me in organizing all of my yarn (and there's a lot!!). The cakes are a great shape too because you can easily stack all your yarn on top of each other, unlike the classic rolls that don't stack very nicely. I would highly recommend this product!!


9. Yarn Storage

I have this super cute bag and it is great for storing different colors of yarn that you're currently working with for a single project. There are holes in the top of the bag that allow you to pull the yarn up, making it super easy to use multiple colors of yarn without them getting all tangled up with each other. It also helps so when you're crocheting, the yarn ball isn't going to be flying around all crazy while you're using it!


10. Project Bag

This project bag is amazing for traveling or moving your current project around the house. This is the project bag that I have and I can't imagine what I'd do without it! I've taken this bag with me on so many road trips and even just to friends' houses to crochet together. There are super cute colors and patterns that you can get with this bag. There's storage within the bag as well so you could even store all your crochet tools in it!


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Jacole E
Jacole E
Jun 27, 2023

Where canni get the giant silicone grip that you talk about when you talked about crafter safety and longevity! You called it a “big boy “!

Hunter Mae
Hunter Mae
Jun 27, 2023
Replying to

You can get it from (Instagram @chunkyboycrochet)

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