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Welcome! I am Hunter, the maker behind Mae Crochets. I love to crochet and I want to teach others what I know in hopes that they will love it too. Let's crochet together! 

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Great Knitting Kit! 

10 Essential Crochet Tools for Beginners

1. Crochet Hooks

My absolute favorite crochet hooks are the classic Boye Crochet Aluminum hooks. They basically last forever (I have some hand-me-down Boye hooks from my grandmas!!) and this pack comes with all the standard hooks you'd ever need to get started for a great price! Plus, it comes with this nice carrying case for all of them if this is all that you'll buy. However, don't try to stuff tons of hooks into one slot, I learned that the hard way with mine...


2. Scissors

If you're going to be crocheting, you're absolutely going to need a great pair of scissors. It really doesn't matter what kind of scissors you use, but I prefer some sewing scissors where the blades are sharper. I found these super cute scissors with great colors to choose from!


3. Flexible Tape Measure

When it comes to following crochet patterns, many of them include measurements to help you in figuring out which size would be best suited for you. That's why you always need a good flexible measuring tape! This pack comes with both a retractable measuring tape and the classic flexible tape measure.