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Welcome! I am Hunter, the maker behind Mae Crochets. I love to crochet and I want to teach others what I know in hopes that they will love it too. Let's crochet together! 

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FREE PATTERN: The Marigold Dress

Are you a beginner crocheter who wants to start making clothing? Or maybe you struggle to find a pattern that fits you just right and you'd like something that will perfectly fit your body? Then this is the pattern for you!!

This is a beginner-friendly crochet dress pattern that is created from the measurements of your own body! You don't need to rely on any sizing at all, just your own body's measurements. You can customize the length of this dress and use any type of yarn, allowing for a unique look that expresses your creativity all while accentuating those gorgeous curves.

I can't wait to see the dress you'll design! Be sure to tag me in your creations and use the hashtag #TheMarigoldDress in any post! Happy crocheting!



  • Any yarn - testers all used worsted weight

  • I used Lion Brand Pound of Love - Maize

  • See the testers section for a better estimate on how much yarn you’ll need

  • Hook that yarn suggests

  • Scissors

  • Stitch Markers


  • All Sizes! This pattern is worked up with measurements rather than the number of stitches.


  • ch - chain

  • st(s) - stitch(es)

  • dc - double crochet

  • dec - double crochet decrease

  • inc - double crochet increase

  • fdc - foundation double crochet

  • f/o - fasten off

  • sk - skip

Additional Notes:

  • This dress is worked from the bottom up.

  • VERY IMPORTANT!!: When measuring width measurements, stretch your yarn the farthest it possibly goes. Your yarn is going to have some extra stretch to it, so you’ll need to do this to have the best possible fit.

  • Ch 3’s count as a double crochet! (so slst into the top of ch 3 on row join)