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FREE PATTERN: Crochet Plant Hanger

Photo of crochet plant hangers hanging on a clothing wrack with plants inside

Welcome to our free crochet plant hanger pattern! Get ready to embark on a delightful crafting journey that combines functionality with style. To bring this project to life, you'll need a few key materials: a wooden ring, wooden beads, a 4.25mm crochet hook, and 80 yards of sturdy cotton DK yarn. The choice of cotton ensures durability, making your plant hanger both beautiful and robust.

While this pattern isn't recommended for absolute beginners, adventurous beginners and more experienced crocheters alike will find joy in its creation. With the ability to customize the length of the cords, you can tailor this plant hanger to perfectly suit your space. Just remember to keep each tier's length consistent for a balanced look.

But why crochet a plant hanger, you might ask? Besides their undeniable cuteness, these hangers serve a practical purpose. By suspending your plants, they not only add a decorative touch to your home but also keep them safely out of reach from curious pets. Plus, they're a savvy solution for maximizing space, allowing you to indulge your love for plants even in small living areas. As a proud owner of four plant hangers in my own home, I can attest to their charm and space-saving benefits!

Inspired by my passion for both plants and crochet, this pattern is a labor of love. While I adore making macrame plant hangers, my heart truly belongs to crochet. Thus, I set out to design a plant hanger that combines the best of both worlds—natural beauty with the art of crochet.

Excited to get started? You can find the written instructions just below. Prefer a visual guide? Check out the free YouTube tutorial on this pattern for step-by-step guidance. Grab your materials and let's crochet something wonderful together!


  • 80 yards of DK Weight Yarn (cotton blend) - I used Yarn Bee Braided Basics Small

  • G/4.25mm Crochet Hook

  • 2.5mm Wooden Ring

  • 16mm Wooden Beads (x3)

  • Scissors

  • Tapestry Needle


  • ch - chain

  • puff - Puff Stitch (see special stitches)

  • sc - single crochet

  • slst - slip stitch

  • sts - stitch(es)

  • yo - yarn over

Special Stitches

  • Puff Stitch (puff): [Yo, insert hook into space, yo, pull up a loop]. Repeat from [ to ] 4 more times. There will be 11 loops on your hook. Yo, pull through 10 loops (leaving two loops left on your hook). Yo, pull through two loops.

  • Romanian Cord: Sc, turn clockwise. Work 1 sc in the front loop of the sc just created. Turn clockwise. [Insert hook into the two loops on the side, sc. Turn clockwise.] Repeat from [ to ] until the required length.

Additional Notes

You can adjust the length of any of the cords to the desired size, just make sure all lengths on each tier are the same.

Watch the full YouTube video tutorial here!

Crochet Plant Hanger Pattern

Main Strap (x3)

Tier 1

Row 1: Ch 4, keeping your first ch fairly large. Puff in the first ch you made. Ch 3, turn.

Row 2: Place a puff between the last puff you made and the ch 3. Ch 3, turn.

Row 3 - 23: Repeat row 2. (Adjust the length here - your cord should be 11”/28 cm long)

Row 4: Place a puff between the last puff you made and the ch 3.

Working up the side

Ch 3, slst between the puff sts. [Ch 4, slst between the puff sts] repeat from [ to ] until the last slst between. Ch 2, slst to the ch the first puff was created in.

Attaching to Wooden Ring

Ch 6 (or 1.5”/4 cm). Grab your wooden ring. Slst by grabbing the yarn through the ring. Then, slst by grabbing the yarn underneath the ring (outside of the ring). You should have two strands of yarn wrapped around the ring. Now, slst down the ch until you meet where the ch started. Slst into the ch the first puff was created in.

Working down the side

[Ch 4, slst between the puff sts] repeat from [ to ] until the last slst between. Ch 3, slst to the tip of the strap.

Tier 2

Ch 1, sc in next st. Work a Romanian cord until it’s 4”/10 cm long.

Adding Wooden Bead

Grab a wooden beat. Slst by grabbing the yarn through the bead. Then, slst by grabbing the yarn above the bead (outside of the bead). Adjust the bead as needed so the holes are horizontal.

Tier 3

Ch 1, sc into the loop around the bead. Turn clockwise. Then, work a Romanian cord until it’s 4”/10 cm long. To finish off the cord, insert your hook into the two loops like you’re making another row on the cord, but instead, slst. F/o leaving a 5”/13 cm long end just on one of the cords created for tier 3.

Repeat the main strap until you have 3 straps attached to the wooden ring.

Second Strap on Tier 2 (x3)

Attach your yarn to the right side of a Romanian cord on tier two (underneath tier 1). Ch 1, sc. Create a Romanian cord 4”/10 cm long. Now, we’re going to attach it to the right strap’s bead. You may need to hang the ring to see how all the straps are falling to ensure nothing is twisted. Slst into the loop around the wooden bead, to the left of the right strap’s tier 2 Romanian cord.

Repeat the second strap on tier 2 until you have 2 straps attached to the top of each wooden bead and one strap attached to the bottom.

Closing the top

We’re going to be making a wrap knot around the chs attached to the wooden ring. To do so, take your yarn and make a v-shape over the ch strands. Then, start wrapping your yarn around the strands, trapping the v. Keep wrapping about 15 times around. Finally, cut your yarn leaving about 2”/5 cm of tail. Then, pass it through the v. Finally, pull the strand at the top of the v, which will trap the shorter strand underneath the knot. Cut off excess yarn.

Closing the bottom

Using the long tail at the bottom, whip stitch the three ends of tier 3 together. Ensure that the cords are not twisted. Make sure this is super sturdy!

Finishing off

Hide in your ends and you’re finished! I recommend making sure the bottom ends are super secure so that your plant does not break through.

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I love your writing style! Thank you for the cute pattern <3

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Aww thank you!!💕 I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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