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Tiger Lily Sweater

Tiger Lily Sweater


This is a Tunisian crochet mock-knit sweater with join-as-you-go patchwork squares. This pattern is great for an advanced crocheter wanting to dive into a more difficult Tunisian crochet pattern. This is also a Mae to Measure pattern.


A Mae to Measure pattern is an interactive, made-to-measure pattern that calculates the number of stitches, rows, and yardage for a pattern. The benefit of a Mae to Measure pattern is that it makes your pattern size inclusive to virtually any body size (theoretically, it should even work for an infant!) This is done by allowing the user to type in their body’s measurements onto your pattern. Then, in the background, the pattern will calculate all the math within the pattern to fit the person perfectly.

  • 6mm Crochet Hook (J)
    • Or 0.5mm larger than your yarn label suggests using
  • You can use any weight of yarn, but I suggest Comfy Worsted by KnitPicks (Worsted Yarn)
    • Yardage can be found later in the pattern
    • MC - Main Color
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
  • Scissors
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