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FREE PATTERN: Tiger Lily Tank

The Tiger Lily Tank is a full-coverage tank top with gorgeous waves of colors. It's a Tunisian crochet pattern and it's perfect for adventurous crocheters who want to dive into learning Tunisian crochet! This pattern has video tutorials of the stitches, making it easy to learn the new technique. This is a great tank for summer and even early fall! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


I could not find anyone to test this pattern in sizes XL, 4X, and 5X. If you are going to make any of these sizes, please message me before starting it. The first person to complete these sizes and that sends me the information required, I will compensate you by sending you the pdf pattern for free. I’m sorry for any issues this may cause!


XS (S, M, L, XL) (2X, 3X, 4X, 5X)



  • 5.5mm Tunisian Crochet Hook

  • Comfy Worsted by KnitPicks (Worsted Yarn)

    • A - Parchment

      • 180(200, 244, 280, ?) (331, ?, ?, ?) yards

    • B - Thicket

      • 70(105, 127, 121, ?) (275, ?, ?, ?) yards

    • C - Copper

      • 70(105, 127, 121, ?) (275, ?, ?, ?) yards

  • Total yarn needed: 320(410, 498, 544, 666) (831, 930, 980, 1100) yards

  • Scissors

Good Yarn Alternatives


  • 22 sts x 13 rows of tws (5” wide x 4” tall)

Finished Sizes (inches):


  • ch - chain

  • yo - yarn over

  • st(s) - stitch(es)

  • f/o - fasten off

  • slst - Slip Stitch

  • sc2tog - single crochet 2 stitches together

  • lts - Last Tunisian stitch

  • RetP - Return Pass (see special stitches)

  • tss - Tunisian simple stitch (see special stitches)

  • tws - Tunisian wave stitch (see special stitches)

  • tds - Tunisian Double stitch (see special stitches)

  • tslst - Tunisian Slip stitch (see special stitches)

Special Stitches

  • Return Pass (RetP): yo, pull through 1 loop, *yo, pull through two loops*, repeat between * until 1 loop remains on the hook.

  • Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss) - Going from right to left skipping the vertical bar directly under the hook, *place hook under next vertical bar, yo, pull up a loop* repeat between * to end of row.

  • Tunisian Double Stitch (tds) - yarn over, place hook under next vertical bar, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook.

  • Tunisian Slip Stitch (tslst) - place hook under next vertical bar. Do not pull up a loop, the vertical bar now counts as a loop on your hook.

  • Tunisian Wave Stitch (tws)

    • Row 1 (color B): *tss 2 times, tds 4 times, tss 2 times, tslst 2 times*, repeat between * to end of the row, lts, RetP.

    • Row 2 (color A): tss across, lts, RetP.

    • Row 3 (color C): *tds, tss 2 times, tslst 2 times, tss 2 times, tds 3 times*, repeat between * to end of the row, lts, RetP.

    • Row 4 (color A): tss across, lts, RetP.

Video Tutorials


Panels (x2):

Row 1: using color A, ch 52(62, 72, 82, 92) (102, 112, 122, 132), starting at the 2nd chain from the hook, tss across, lts, RetP. (52(62, 72, 82, 92) (102, 112, 122, 132))

Row 2: tws across. (Each row following will repeat the Tunisian wave stitch pattern. Refer to special stitches to see the pattern repeat) (52(62, 72, 82, 92) (102, 112, 122, 132))

Row 3 - 34(36, 38, 40, 43) (45, 47, 48, 51): repeat row 2.

At this point, you can continue repeating row 2 if you’d like the top a little bit longer. Hold your work underneath your armpits to check the length.

Your ending row may end anywhere in the middle of the repeat of rows for the Tunisian wave stitch... that’s okay!!


Row 35(37, 39, 41, 44) (46, 48, 49, 52): insert your hook into the 11(11, 16, 21, 21) (26, 26, 31, 36) vertical bar (counting the first vertical bar as 1), place a slip knot onto your hook, and pull it through (this is now your first stitch on your hook), continue the tws pattern across for 32(42, 42, 42, 52) (52, 62, 62, 62) stitches, making sure you end the last stitch with a tss.

Row 36(38, 40, 42, 45) (47, 49, 50, 53) - 46(48, 52, 54, 59) (61, 64, 66, 71): tws across (32(42, 42, 42, 52) (52, 62, 62, 62))

Slst across using A, f/o.

Sewing and Straps:

With the right sides of the panels facing each other, join the two panels together. I used single crochets to join the two panels together that way I could hide the yarn that we carried up! But you can use any method that you’d like.

Once you have the entire side of the body joined and you’re in the middle of the armpit, ch 1 and turn the shirt right side out.

Row 1: slst across the Tunisian stitches until you get to the corner of the upper square of the shirt, single crochet into the side of each Tunisian row on the upper square, then ch 16(16, 19, 19, 19) (19, 20, 20, 21). Without twisting the chain, join to the top of the other panel’s upper square by single crocheting down the upper square of the second panel. Then once you meet the corner, slst across the Tunisian stitches until you meet the first stitch of row 1, slst into the first slst, ch 1.

Alternative row 2:

I suggest trying the top on as you go when continuing the straps. You may need to add some decreases to the straps for a better fit. You should only need to decrease row 2.

  • Ex: for row 2, instead of just sc in every stitch, possibly do: *sc2tog, sc 6 times* repeat between * until you meet your first sc, slst in first sc, ch 1.

  • Add additional decreases as needed. Be sure to try it on as you go!

Row 2 - 5: sc in each stitch of the strap, slst in first sc, ch 1.

f/o. Repeat for the other side.

Finishing Touches:

Sew in your ends and you’re done!!

Please tag me in your finished designs with @mae.crochets on Instagram and use the hashtag #TigerLilyTank so we can collect all of our beautiful tank tops in one place! I can’t wait to see your finished tank! :)

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