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Ultimate Stash Bust Cardigan

Ultimate Stash Bust Cardigan


Say hello to the Ultimate Stash Bust Cardigan! This is the sister of the Ultimate Stash Bust Sweater, but adds the fact that not only is it a cardigan, but it’s also a Mae to Measure pattern! This cardigan, customized to your measurements, is the ultimate yarn eater for all that hoarded yarn. The pattern is made to be very oversized with as many colors as you’d like in any weight of yarn. You can do any sequence of colors or completely random. In the pattern, I include a photo of the colors I chose as well as the strategy that I used for choosing my color sequence.

If you’re someone who is scared of which colors you put together, FEAR NOT! Every single color combination I’ve seen on the sweater and cardigan looks amazing. But if you still need some color inspo, check out all of the testers’ gorgeous cardigans and sweaters!


Ultimate Stash Bust Sweater


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A Mae to Measure pattern is an interactive, made-to-measure pattern that calculates the number of stitches, rows, and yardage for a pattern. The benefit of a Mae to Measure pattern is that it makes your pattern size inclusive to virtually any body size (theoretically, it should even work for an infant!) This is done by allowing the user to type in their body’s measurements onto your pattern. Then, in the background, the pattern will calculate all the math within the pattern to fit the person perfectly.

Virtually any size! Since it calculates your measurements using your body’s measurements, this pattern will work for everyone.

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