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Testing Expectations

Below I laid out what to expect from testing my patterns; what I expect from you and what you should expect from me. It's hard to have this all in a tester sign-up every time, so I'm putting everything here for reference! I might add more to this list, so check it out before every testing call to see if anything has changed!

What To Expect From Me

  •  A completed pattern at the very start (won't release it to you in chunks).

  • Constant communication and quick response times. I will communicate with the group if I have something going on that might hinder my response times.

  • Understanding towards not meeting your expectations. I understand that life happens and that testing is a huge favor for me. I will grant leniency towards you - IF you contact me prior to the due date telling me the situation.

  • If many testers in the group are needing more time to complete, I will extend the deadline.

  • Lenient testing lengths/deadlines. For most garments, I give around 2 months of testing.

  • Size-inclusive patterns for a wide range of body types.

  • I won't take any criticism personally! Don't be afraid to tell me exactly what you think. I want my patterns to be perfect for everyone using them.

What I Expect From You

  • Keep me in the loop with your progress and if there are any issues coming up. If you are unable to complete the test, please let me know before the due date. If you contact me at the right time, I will be lenient! I understand life happens and that testing is a favor for me.

  • You send your responses and photos before/on the due date unless discussed otherwise.

  • You complete a gauge for the pattern. If the pattern test is for a Mae to Measure pattern, you also weigh it to calculate the yardage.

  • Take photos of you wearing the item if it is a garment.

  • Read through the pattern to find grammatical errors.

  • Tell me the final yardage for all yarn colors used in the pattern. You might need to do some work before starting the pattern to accomplish this.

  • Post a photo of the finished pattern on your Instagram on the release date and add me as a collaborator so I can have all the testers on my feed and your profile gets some exposure!

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